I’m reminded of a scene in the Amazon series, New Amsterdam, where the new hospital director urges anyone who feels that their job is obsolete to come to him and ask for something else to do. At the time of watching I thought “this is ridiculous, if a hospital figured out that half the people they were employing were wasting their day they would get rid of them in a heartbeat, they wouldn’t offer them a new job”. I think it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room which is most companies, faced with a prospect of rewarding an honest employee and saving money (and time, because time = money), they will choose the algorithm in a heartbeat. Sure, there will be a few companies that will be grateful for the employee’s honesty, but fundamentally I think it would be very difficult to come clean with any certainty of job security.

The Indiependent Founder, NCTJ qualified journalist, Oxford University grad. Interested in tech, political communication & data ethics. Tweets: @BettyKirkers

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