Breakups And Makeups: Are They Ever A Good Idea?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

But do breakups and makeups actually work?

The long-story-short answer is that every couple is made up of two (or more!) unique individuals, with a different set of personality traits and life experiences. It’s impossible to say with universal certainty that getting back together after a breakup is a good idea for everyone.

Emotional Maturity

Maybe it’s your first ever relationship and one or both of you are lacking the emotional maturity to stay and work out the problems you are experiencing.

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

Different goals

Maybe you’ve been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go travelling or you’ve landed an awesome promotion that doesn’t fit with a partner’s career plans.

Needing to work on yourself

Perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances such as grief or illness, you find yourself acting out of character. In periods of emotional distress or physical ailment, you probably need to spend some time working on yourself before you feel capable of committing to somebody you care about.

Mistakes are made

This one is perhaps the most controversial scenario, with many people believing in the sanctity of a monogamous relationship and expecting devotion and faithfulness from their partner ‘until death do us part’.

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